24 Hour Overhaul

Project Details

A major cardboard manufacturer was having trouble with the hydraulic system on his pre-feeder machine. He called in Armstrong Lyon to trouble-shoot his problems.
The following work was done..

  •   Armstrong Lyon were called in to trouble-shoot the problem with the hydraulic system.
  •   We sent out a qualified site engineer.
  •   Extensive tests were carried out by a site engineer.
  •   Tests showed that the pump was failing and needs replacing.
  •   Due to production requirements the customer could not release this unit.
  •   An identical redundant hydraulic power unit was provided for us to modify.
  •   We identified and sourced an alternative pump to the same specifications as the original, as the original pump was on a long delivery.
  •   The power unit was brought back to Armstrong Lyon workshop and stripped and thoroughly cleaned.
  •   The new hydraulic pump was mounted onto the tank and piped up.

  •   The power unit was thoroughly tested and passed.
  Process Filtration

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