Customised Cylinders

Project Details

We were approached by a well known aircraft manufacturer to assist with a problem they were having during wing production. The modified cylinders below have been modified to provide slight angular movement while extending.

The following work was done..

  •   We were called in to trouble-shoot the problem the manufacturer was having during wing production.
  •   Hydraulic cylinders were needed to assist in the removal of components during the manufacturing process.
  •   The main problem was they needed slight angular movement whilst extending out.
  •   A solution was needed so we worked around the problem.
  •   We came up with a system which used modified ENERPAC Cylinders to overcome the problems.
  •   A modified plunger and base attachments were designed and manufactured by Armstrong Lyon.
  •   Swivel feet fitted to both ends of the cylinders.
  •   The cylinders used were ENERPAC RC53, RC55 and RC59.
  •   The finished products were tested thoroughly from start to finish.

  •   Customer satisfaction was guaranteed.

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