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As a main distributor for Enerpac, Armstrong Lyon Hydraulics can offer joint projects with Enerpac on their Lifting-Load Positioning Systems.

  •   The project involved the transportation of the new Airbus A380 Wing sections from the Airbus factory.

  •   The transportation was from Broughton Chester by the River Dee, (an environmentally sensitive area) to Mostyn prior to heavy transportation to Toulouse – France for assembly to the aircrafts fuselage.

  •   The PLC Synclift Control System was used

  •   The Enerpac PLC synchronous lift system is used to lift the wing assembly and pallet from a special purpose vehicle driven on to the ship for transport.

  •   Once the vehicle has been driven off on to the deck our system lowers to deck position and is mechanically fixed for transportation.

  •   The problem of an uneven load was a critical factor.

  •   High levels of synchronicity were needed to balance the load successfully.

  •   Synchronised Lifting Points were established.

  •   Coordinated loading of wing was managed.

  •   The lowering of the wing was controlled by the lift system.

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