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We have a long standing relationship with Denison Hydraulics to offer you a range of products including a complete hydraulic product range for industrial, marine, mobile, agricultural and civil engineering.

denison-product-logoDenison Hydraulics is recognised as one of the worlds leading companies in fluid power engineering.

Here at Armstrong Lyon Hydraulics we couple over 60 years of their expertise with our own to provide you with all your hydraulic needs. We are strategically placed to offer you a first class service to supply you with all major components.

We supply an extensive range of products which are developed, designed and tested to the highest levels of efficiency, reliability as demanded by you in todays competitive industries. The product range on offer is continually being strengthened with research and development to help provide the highest of customer satisfaction.




We can provide directional control valves which alter the path of pressurized fluid through the hydraulic systems; pressure control valves which regulate the pressure of the hydraulic fluid; flow control valves which match the hydraulic fluids flow with the requirements of the system and check valves which allow fluid to pass in one direction and not the other.

Our valves are used in a variety of commercial settings, including injection molding, metal and material forming, mobile equipment such as cranes, and marine systems such as ship-mounted winches.

We are one of the few manufacturers of flange mounted pressure control valves, a design that enables the valve to be attached directly to another hydraulic component, versus more traditional valve designs that must be connected to the associated component with hydraulic lines, which tends to be more expensive and less effective at controlling leaks than flange mounting.


Manifold Systems – In industry

Many hydraulic systems are now designed in a modular format, leading to an increasing demand for compact manifold arrangements.Manifold technology yields the ultimate in compact systems providing a technically superior design which reduces pipe joints, couplings and labour costs.
Complete hydraulic systems can be supplied in a modular, “service friendly” format, where any industry can benefit from the manifolds compact, lightweight and energy saving design.

Quality Control

Reliability in design has been proven over many years, with automatic checking of oilways and galleries being an inherent part of our sophisticated CAD programme. However nothing is left to chance, when a manifold block is built, a meticulous inspection is followed by assembly and full functional testing.

Any block can be supplied with a test certificate – which is our guarantee of quality.


Vane Products

For more than 40 years, Denison has been manufacturing high-efficiency, high-pressure vane pumps and motors.

With over 42 million different combinations of vane units now available -ranging from single, double, triple and through-drive units to versions incorporating a piston unit – Denison offers the most flexible vane pumps and motors on the market.

Standards in production

  • Manufactured entirely in-house at its Vierzon plant to ISO 9001 standards, only the latest, high-precision machine tools, advanced heat-treatment processes and flexible, high-productivity “work-cell” practices are used.
  • Denison vane products lead the world in terms of their high-efficiency, wide speed range, low noise levels, outstanding power densities and long, operating lifetimes. As a further measures of production excellence and in its efforts to maintain market credibility.
  • Denison test all its vane units to strict tolerance levels using modern test stands, following final assembly.
  • The company has been quick to introduce new innovative developments, such as patented double-lip vanes and special, dry lubricant-coated cam rings, to enhance efficiency and performance and prolong working life.
  • Denison has also pioneered its own approach to reducing noise pollution, by developing cost-effective “silent technology” for mobile or industrial equipment for use in sensitive, low-noise applications, in or out-of-doors.
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