Over 40 years of experience and providing extensive support services.

Here at Armstrong Lyon Hydraulics we have over 40 years of experience and can provide you with extensive support services.



Design Service

We provide complete design and specification for Hydraulic and Pneumatic systems. Site visits can be undertaken by our Project Engineers to discuss all aspects of your requirements. Sizing of cylinders, motors and hydraulic power pack will be calculated

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Manufacturing Services

We can provide a fully equipped machined shop for the manufacture of hydraulic cylinders, tie rod and fully welded construction. Stocks of hone bore tubing and chrome rod make it possible to satisfy a fast turnaround on new and repaired cylinders. Manifold blocks with port entries and cetop interfaces are produced

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Installation Services

Experienced site engineers are available, to carry out pipework installations to customers designs or our own recommendation. Installation of hydraulic power packs in conjunction with customers electrical engineers. Filling, flushing and priming systems

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Overhaul & Service

We offer a range of onsite and In-works overhall and service of major components including: Cylinders, Valves and Pumps

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Process Filtration

We can provide on-site visits by Technical Sales Engineer to investigate your system filtration problems and recommend solutions. Fluid sampling can be carried out and sent for laboratory analysis. Test reports can be issued giving ISO particle count and water content of an oil based fluid. Then appropriate action can be taken

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